Friday, August 29, 2008

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Welcome to my Blog on ADHD treatment options. It is my goal to present you will information and unbiased insight into the various ADD and ADHD treatment options that are out there. The information presented in this blog has been collected from a number of published studies in the field of attention deficit disorders and the effectiveness of a number of ADHD treatment options. I will be reporting on a number of journal articles and attempt to give an earnest evaluation of their results, citing relevant sources when necessary. My main goal is to present to you the most comprehensive, accurate and honest evaluations of the many ADHD treatment options available to you or your loved ones. I welcome your comments and encourage you to subscribe to my blog. You will receive constantly-updated information as my personal research in the field continues.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your efforts. I've learned more on this blog then I have from consulting with doctors about this disorder.

arose31 said...

I am in academia in Psychology and Neuroscience and this blog is one of the most well-written, researched, and scientific sources I have ever come upon. In my opinion, it beats many journals and published meta-analyses.

A. R.

Emory University

Djit said...

Thanks a lot, I've found a wealth of information in this blog.

MidwestRose said...

I recently came across your blog as I've been researching alternative ways to help my son (6 yo) with adhd-like symptoms. You provide a wealth of information! Sorting through it all to understand links and come up with the "right" combination of treatments and support seems daunting, but I'll keep reading. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have found the breadth and depth of your knowledge astonishing and valuable. However, I would appreciate 2 things:

First, could you please identify yourself by name, credentials, profession, and if applicable, university or medical center affiliation?

Second, I would appreciate more citations in your blog entries. For example, when you say, "Recent studies have shown...," could you please cite those recent studies?

Thank you,
Marybeth G.

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